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Workflow automation enhances productivity, increases workload capacity, and improves business operations by alleviating tedious tasks, speeding up response times and improving cross-function collaboration.


Workflow Automation

A Workflow comprises of a series of tasks required to be completed in sequence to establish an endpoint. During the Reveal and Align phases of the RADE methodology, we identify the workflows your business adopts within various processes. Our aim is to discover ways automation can better align priorities, task allocation, time, and resources.

Our outlook on workflow automation isn’t to eliminate human intervention but enable you to handle more business without additional resources. By focusing on front-end functions, we primarily seek to automate workflows that directly influence your revenue capability.

Accompanied with your software stack, our integrated solutions can automate your entire workflows across multiple business functions, unlocking a new capability for your organisation.

Our RADE Methodology

Most common areas our solutions address

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Manual and repetitve tasks

Automating repetitive lead follow-ups enable more time for your sales resource to handle more business.

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Task creation and approval

For organisations that require heavy task creation and approval of documents between business functions can leverage multi-step automations that improve internal communication and enhance productivity.

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Double data entry

Many organisations spend countless hours entering data into multiple systems. Integrating these platforms and creating dynamic digital forms provide a fast and paperless solution.

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Document creation

Document creation can be a mundane and timely exercise for staff. Conditional-based forms that auto generate documents improve productivity and minimise the risk of human error.


Onboarding new clients or staff

The onboarding process can be a timely and costly exercise for organisations that encompass multiple business functions. Multi-step automations can completely streamline this process and provide relevant parties with the direct information they need for deployment.

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